Who thinks the English language is being abused – both in what we write and how we say things?  How many of you want to be part of an effort to turn this around?

One way is to become a member of the 450+ strong That Ain’t Not Right (TANR) – The Use and Abuse of the English Language “opt in” team.

  • This group receives a free weekly Email, each addressing a particular use or abuse of the English language – quite often with fun and easy ways to address and correct the topic at hand!!
  • And there’s more – TANR has a 20-30 minute keynote presentation entitled:

That Ain’t Not Right – The Use and Abuse of the English language. This is a fun, fast moving, audience participation Keynote presentation where you’re made aware of some of the more common misuses and abuses – always with a simple, easy to use “Take Away” tool to help avoid making some of  the key mistakes again.

This presentation is receiving rave reviews from the numerous Chambers of Commerce, Rotary, Toastmasters International and other Houston area business associations.

Its content and tips are ideal for YOUR company or organizations’:

  • Internal and external marketing and sales teams
  • Customer service team.
  • A keynote presentation at an awards or recognition event.

For more information on booking TANR – The Use and Abuse of the English language, call Hiett at 832-372-6900 or email to Hiett@HiettIves.com

What Our Clients Say

  • "I regularly invite Hiett as a guest speaker at events I stage as well as hear his presentations at numerous civic, service and Chamber of Commerce events throughout Houston. Hiett’s presentations are focused, on target and almost always “audience participation”. With his wide breadth of topics, Hiett is one of my “Go To” speakers."

    - - Gail Stolzenburg, Your Network is Your Wealth
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