Event and Trade Show Strategies


The overall size of post Covid live B2B trade shows is smaller across the board, with fewer exhibitors in smaller booths presenting to smaller delegate pools. Knowing this, here are 4 critical question you need answered:

  1. Who decides which Events and Trade Shows are best for you to be an exhibitor?
  2. What Product/Service Mix are you going to use at which event?
  3. When/Where do you use which show specific Open Ended Question?
  4. How do you effectively integrate your show specific CRM follow up program?

You are GUARANTEED Qualified Leads from ANY B2B Event or Trades Show in which you participate utilizing HiettIves.com tools and techniques. And the definition of ‘Qualified’ is ‘Ready to engage in a sales conversation.’ When done properly, B2B Events and Trade Show can be your least expensive and most effective business marketing and sales tool.

Avail yourself of the corporate and consultant-based expertise and authority in industries as varied as Oil & Gas, Food Service, and Medical products and services. Call, text or email for your FREE 30 minute Trade Show Marketing review with Hiett.


As an event or trade show delegate or visitor, how can you present your product/ service to them without being thrown off their stand? You can get all the information you need to ‘sell’ you/your product/your service when you approach these companies as a ‘Seeker of Information’ versus a seller of anything and you’re going to have exhibiting companies happy to help you.

The secret is:

  • How you approach them
  • What you ask them
  • When/how you leave them

Done correctly, and with a little advanced planning, you can enhance your chances of an eventual ‘sale’ to a multitude of exhibitor prospects when you implement specific

steps and then LEAVE THEIR BOOTH. Call, text or email for your FREE 30 minute Rogue Delegate Review with Hiett.

What Our Clients Say

  • "Hiett’s trade show marketing expertise is bringing us new business success in two separate verticals in less than a month following two separate trade show participations. Additionally, he is introducing us to appropriate industry associations and events to further enhance our strategic position in a major new market."

    - Kathleen Christmas, President/Owner - Nurse Paralegal USA
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