The French Invasion – Verse 2

Here’s the second verse of the French Invasion, starting with a Tex/French story shared by a reader of last week’s offering:


“As Cafeteria manager at a major Houston corporate facility, we posted next week’s menu on the shop floor so employees could know what the cafeteria was serving each day.


The menu started with “Soup Du Jour” and here’s what I overheard between two workers, “Well look at that will ya, they’re gunna have the same soup every day!!”


Here are three more, the first with two spellings:


Fiance – There is no translation since fiancé is, well, a fiancé. One little secret – Fiancé with one “e” refers to a male fiancé while fiancée with two “e’s” refers to a female, because there’s always the masculine and feminine way of writing French words!


Souvenir – When you return from an amazing trip, you bring back an amazing gift for yourself or friends, a.k.a. souvenir—a tangible, physical and visible piece of memorabilia.


Avant-Garde – Probably the most borrowed French phrase, defines an innovative movement in the arts, usually pertaining to artists, writers and musicians who are “advanced” in their fields.  The French avant-garde also means the “front line” or vanguard.

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